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​Five Chinese Terracotta Warriors and a Horse are visiting Chicago

When the figure known as a standing archer was found, it was one of thousands making up a 3rd century B.C. underground army crafted out of...CHICAGOTRIBUNE.COM|BY CHICAGO TRIBUNE

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​This unknown ancient flower has been preserved for ages in amber

The beautiful bud may have been poisonous.WASHINGTONPOST.COM|BY RACHEL FELTMAN

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​Hubble keeps sending back incredible images of deep space

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a remarkable image of an irregular reflection nebula known as IRAS 00044+6521.SCI-NEWS.COM

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​You can see how Jimi Hendrix lived in his London flat from the 1960s, now a museum

Rock guitar legend Jimi Hendrix London flat has now been faithfully restored as a museum to showcase what life was like for Hendrix at the height...THESOURCE.COM

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​Scientists bid farewell to the little lander that got closeup and personal with a comet

Scientists from the German Aerospace Center say it's time to give up on the little space probe sitting on the surface of Comet 67P.CNN.COM|BY LAUREN SAID-MOORHOUSE, CNN

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​Einstein may have been right about wrinkles in the fabric of space-time

Are the rumors true? Whispers about a possible detection of actual ripples in space-time have been swirling for weeks, and on Thursday, the world...NEWS.YAHOO.COM|BY MIRIAM KRAMER

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​The Museum of Divine Statues rescues artifacts from Cleveland area churches that close

The Museum of Divine Statues in Lakewood features sculptures and works of art rescued from churches…CLEVELAND.COM 

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​New exhibit shatters myths about Vikings, like they didn't wear helmets with horns

Vikings will open this week at Discovery Times Square, in New York. Horned Helmets were popularized by authors and artists who romanticized Norse...DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

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​A giant bird 50,000 years ago became extinct because ancient humans ate its cantaloupe-sized eggs

Scientists think that humans ate the eggs of the 500-pound Genyornis newtoni,…WASHINGTONPOST.COM|BY ELAHE IZADI

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