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​Brave group of archaeologists saved a trove of Syrian cultural artifacts from ISIS

As ISIS rolled into town, a team of dedicated archaeologists managed to evacuate museum artifacts to safetyCBSNEWS.COM

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​Author of "Flags of Our Fathers" now agrees that his father wasn't in iconic Iwo Jima photo from WWII

An American serviceman whose perceived presence in one of the most famous images of the Second World War spawned a best-selling book and a...TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

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​Damaged Syrian city of Palmyra is still an authentic historic site, according to UNESCO

The ancient city may have been destroyed, but it is still a treasured cultural siteSMITHSONIANMAG.COM|BY ERIN BLAKEMORE

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​Great lakes are hidden by Antarctica's ice surface

The hidden lake could contain species that have been isolated for tens of millions of years.MNN.COM

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​Charlie Chaplin gets a museum in Switzerland to celebrate his cinematic brilliance

As Charlie Chaplin finished out his long life on his bucolic Swiss manor, the former silent film star worried about drifting into oblivion, his...ABCNEWS.GO.COM|BY ABC NEWS 

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​First proof of other solar systems was captured on a forgotten plate from 100 years ago

Without knowing it, astronomer Walter Adams recorded the first-ever evidence of an exoplanetary system in 1917. Until now, Adams' astronomical...WWW.HNGN.COM|BY HEADLINES & GLOBAL NEWS

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​Archaeologists find ancient glasswork kilns in Israel

The Israeli Antiquities Authority on Monday announced the discovery of 1,600-year-old kilns, the oldest ever found in Israel, offering new evidence...WWW.THEBLAZE.COM

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​Elon Musk's SpaceX company finally lands a rocket at sea

The billionaire entrepreneur’s space company landed on a floating platform in a move that it says could help lower the cost of space flight.WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM

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​A Paris photographer has created fabulous mashups of the City of Lights from WWII and today

A Paris-based photographer has paid tribute to one of the most iconic cities in the world, by bringing together scenes from 1940s Paris alongside...STANDARD.CO.UK

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​Meet the creepy ancient arachnid ancestor of today's spiders

X-ray scans of a 305-million-year old fossil have unlocked a new chapter in the spider origin story.PBS.ORG

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