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​The Museum of Tolerance is more important than ever now

The museum, in Los Angeles, encourages patrons to have hard discussions about injustices past and present.NYTIMES.COM

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​Baby boomers are donating an avalanche of artwork as they retire and downsize their lifestyle

The need or urge to offload art collected since the 1970s is both a bonanza and a challenge for institutions like the Minnesota Historical Society.NYTIMES.COM

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​"Genomic meltdown" may have killed off Woolly Mammoths as populations shrank

A small breeding population may have doomed the last mammoths, a confirmation of gene and population theory that could change how we think…CSMONITOR.COM

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​Archaeologists have found the remains of an enormous Roman mine in Spain

The Romans exploited an even more ancient mine but built elaborate ventilated underground galleries, going deeper than had been thought…HAARETZ.COM

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​Here's why they call this a "Ring of Fire Eclipse"

Stargazers applauded as they were plunged into darkness Sunday when the moon passed in front of the sun in a spectacular "ring of fire" eclipse.PHYS.ORG

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​Virtual Reality technology makes it possible for you to see ancient architecture before they became ruins

An archaeological VR company wants to show you what ruins looked like before they were, well, ruinsSMITHSONIANMAG.COM

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​Is it possible that these Earth-like planets circling a distant star might sustain life?

Astronomers have found at least seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away, according to a study published Wednesday in...CNN.COM

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This hearty algae can live in outer space (outside the international space station) for over a year

Algae proved that it can survive long periods of time in the vacuum of space. More testing will be done once back on Earth to see the extent of any...FUTURISM.COM

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​These round temples discovered in Sudan are unique in ancient architecture

Archaeologists have unearthed three ancient temples in Sudan that are…INQUISITR.COM|BY NORMAN BYRD

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