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​Were some of the monumental stones at Stonehenge moved from somewhere else?

It's one of the world's most famous prehistoric monuments -- but is Stonehenge the "Ikea of monolithic monument building"?CNN.COM|BY JAMES MASTERS, CNN

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​Eight-year-old budding archaeologist finds an ancient statuette's head in Israel

An 8-year-old Israeli boy with dreams of becoming a real-life Indiana Jones has discovered a 3,000-year-old relic from an ancient biblical city.HISTORY.COM

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​Yes, there's such a thing as a "Christmas Story" Museum... and they have the BB gun from the classic holiday movie

One of the original Red Ryder BB guns made specifically for "A Christmas Story"…CLEVELAND.COM|BY MICHAEL K. MCINTYRE

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​Amazing views of radio observatories

With gold-plated space telescopes promising to discover distant worlds and unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe, radio astronomy can...GIZMODO.COM|BY MADDIE STONE

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​Ancient tools prove humans were in South America more than 13,000 years ago.

Stone tools, charred animal bones and fire ash found at the Monte Verde site in Chile indicate people reached South America’s southernmost...SCIENCENEWS.ORG

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​Was the iconic golden death mask of King Tut actually made for his stepmother, Queen Nefertiti?

A British Egyptologist has found new evidence suggesting the death mask of ancient Egyptian king Tutankhamun was not made for him – in fact, it was...INDEPENDENT.CO.UK

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​Eagle-eyed prof sees Bible verses on ancient papyrus for sale on Ebay. talks seller into keeping the artifact

While perusing pages of antique auctions on eBay, a University of Texas professor was surprised to spot a rare, ancient fragment of the Greek New...MYSANANTONIO.COM

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​Sweetest art: The Getty Museum displays sugary edible

The party animals of Europe made festive, elaborate centerpieces from food from medieval times through the 18th century. Among the most notable of...NPR.ORG

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​Swiss farmer digs up thousands of ancient Roman coins

A cache of over 4,000 silver and bronze coins dating back to ancient Rome has been discovered by a Swiss farmer. Buried some 1,700 years ago, it’s...GIZMODO.COM|BY GEORGE DVORSKY

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​Pennsylvania family strikes it rich after finding stash of vintage movie posters under their floor!

A Pennsylvania family may find itself a bit wealthier after the stash of classic…NEWS.ARTNET.COM|BY BRIAN BOUCHER

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