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Star Wars creator George Lucas' Museum of Narrative Arts is coming to Chicago, due to open in 2019

'Star Wars' filmmaker George Lucas didn't use a Jedi mind trick to get approval…NBCNEWS.COM|BY KEITH WAGSTAFF

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​Oldest primer for learning alphabet discovered in Egypt

Ancient Egyptians reviewed their ABCs with the help of this 15-century B.C. inscription.NEWS.DISCOVERY.COM 

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​Fossils found underwater off Bahamas telling the story of the end of the Ice Age

Scientists have long wondered what caused the dramatic extinctions of many different species of animals, from woolly mammoths to saber-tooth cats,...LATIMES.COM|BY LOS ANGELES TIMES

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​Earliest known draft of the King James Version of The Bible discovered

The King James Version (KJV) is the best-selling version of the best-selling book in world history—the Bible. It is estimated that more than 1...ANCIENT-ORIGINS.NET

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​India's rich tradition of textiles & tapestry is on display in London

A new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London gives a comprehensive picture of the artistry and cultural significance of India's...NYTIMES.COM|BY RODERICK CONWAY MORRIS

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​Check out this treasure trove of artifacts from Cyprus

Archaeologists in northern Cyprus have discovered a tomb complex constructed sometime between 400 B.C. and 350 B.C. Here are gorgeous photos of the...LIVESCIENCE.COM

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​This fossilized horse still has a foal with her

Palaeontologists in Germany have identified the fossilised remains of a horse-like animal that dates back 48 million years. Remarkably, the fossil...GIZMODO.COM.AU|BY GEORGE DVORSKY

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The Russian satellite Sputnik was launched 58 years ago last week, and also launched the space race

58 years ago a tiny satellite was successfully lofted into orbit, firing the opening salvo in what would…NASASPACEFLIGHT.COM 

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​Check out these amazing photos of the beauty of space : Stunning astronomy images set to inspire awe at Southampton exhibition

Check out these amazing photos of the beauty of space THESE are some of the stunning images of dazzling galaxies, spectacular nebulae and millions of shimmering stars that will feature in a new…DAILYECHO.CO.UK

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