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​Now that Palmyra has been reclaimed from ISIS, efforts are underway to restore its ancient artifacts

The plans to restore Palmyra to its former glory are grand but feasible, if it is treated as a task of global importance, experts told RT. Russia’s...RT.COM

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​This woman creates amazing, sweet works of art from... jelly beans!

Kristen Cumings uses a tasty medium for her very special paintingsCBSNEWS.COM

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​The Kepler space telescope caught two massive stars exploding as supernovae

 An international group of astronomers, led by Prof. Peter Garnavich from the University of Notre Dame, has caught two Type II supernovae at the...SCI-NEWS.COM

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​Check out these cool steampunk sculptures made of cardboard!

Using recyclable cardboard, this artist's delicate and intricate artwork re-imagines the inner workings of machines and everyday objects.TREEHUGGER.COM

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​Ancient statues of goddess Sekhmet have been found in Luxor, Egypt

Eight statues of the goddess Sekhmet have been discovered in the temple of Amenhotep III at Kôm El-Hettan on the west bank of the Nile. The black...ANCIENT-ORIGINS.NET

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Not exactly a promising tourist destination: A new museum chronicles the stories of couples who breakup

A new Los Angeles museum is seeking heartbroken lovers willing to donate the remnants of their past relationships for public display.UPI.COM

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​Mercury's gray color comes from a crust of carbon

Mercury’s abnormally dark coloring has puzzled scientists for years — but a new study using NASA data has revealed the origins of the planet’s...THEVERGE.COM|BY LOREN GRUSH

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​This video takes you on a 3-D tour of ancient Rome in its heyday

A detailed 3D rendering of the city, created by Rome Reborn, gives a sense of its grandeur and epic scope.BUSINESSINSIDER.COM

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​Amazing: Archaeologists in Israel have found a collection of fabric dating back to the time of King David

Thousands of rare uncharred seeds from the Biblical ‘Seven Species’ also unearthed at Arava Valley site.JPOST.COM

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​This giant ancient armadillo was the size of a car

The hulking beasts were close cousins of adorable "pink fairy" armadillos.WASHINGTONPOST.COM|BY RACHEL FELTMAN

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