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​Here are the winners of the 2017 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards!

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A stunning photograph of swirling blue and pink cloud gasses in the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex has scooped the top prize at this year’s Insight Astronomy…


​These are the last photos of Saturn taken by the late, great, amazing Cassini spacecraft

The final photos ever taken by NASA's Cassini Saturn orbiter have begun coming down to Earth, and you can see them all.SPACE.COM

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​Eeeeuuuuw: This scar-looking sea creature washed ashore during the hurricane.

One biologist believes the mysterious sea creature is fangtooth snake-eel, or Aplatophis chauliodus.WASHINGTONPOST.COM|BY LINDSEY BEVER

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​Adios, Cassini! You worked so hard for so long, showing us amazing views of Saturn. Thank you!

The Cassini spacecraft spent 13 years orbiting Saturn, the longest any spacecraft has ever orbited one of the outer planets.POPULARMECHANICS.COM

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​Maine history museum dis[lays American Indian canoe from the 1700s

One of the oldest-known Native American birch-bark canoes will go on display at a Maine historical society museum, possibly as early as this fall, after spending three…WASHINGTONPOST.COM

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​A Paris park opened in 1860 is being remade into a steampunk amusement park

Fashion giant LVMH are behind the revamp of the historic Jardin D'Acclimatation.PEDESTRIAN.TV

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​Museum of Street Art in Dallas will open with exhibit of Mary Ellen Mark's photographs.

The Museum of Street Culture, which has been in the making in Dallas for five years, is gearing up for its official launch on Oct. 1.Those behind...DALLASNEWS.COM

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​The world's largest dinosaur moves in to Chicago's Field Museum.

Beginning with her dismantling in February, Sue will be kicked out in favor of a dinosaur much bigger and more recently discovered: the Patagotitan mayorum.CHICAGOTRIBUNE.COM

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​An OJ Simpson popup museum shows how much of an impact he still has on the pop consciousness.

Adam Papagan's O.J. Simpson Museum at Coagula Curatorial is baldly commercial, but it also demonstrates how much of a cultural touchstone the famous trial has become.HYPERALLERGIC.COM

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​Are you worried you damaged your eyes during the eclipse?

Scientists and medical professionals warned staring directly into the sun—for even just a moment—without protective eyewear could cause permanent…WTKR.COM|BY WTKR NEWS 3

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