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​Memorabilia from the Apollo moon mission are on display at a Seattle museum

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Museum of Flight's new Apollo exhibit, showcasing the NASA space program that put men on the moon in the 1960s and '70s, opened Saturday morning in...


​Virtual realism: A Manitoba museum is displaying robotic dinosaurs that pee and fart

Manitoba Museum visitors will get to enjoy the sights and sounds of peeing and farting dinosaurs in a new exhibition.CNET.COM

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​Here's an intro to Steampunk if you're not familiar with the trend!

Let an organizer behind Waltham's Watch City fest explain.METRO.US

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​The most recent species of dinosaur discovered in China is named "baby dragon"

The Beibeilong was a giant, birdlike dinosaur that lived some 90 million years ago. Scientists say it had massive feathered wings and a birdlike...NPR.ORG

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​Amazing! Check out this video from Cassini amongst Saturn's rings!

An amazing new video shows just what NASA's Cassini spacecraft saw during its first "Grand Finale" dive between Saturn's cloud tops and the gas...SPACE.COM

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​Does an ancient tablet report on a catastrophic meteor crash on Earth that killed all life?

Scientists have translated an ancient stone tablet found at a temple in Turkey. The tablet confirms that a comet struck Earth around 11,000BC,...FORBES.COM

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​Mastodon fossils found in San Diego may cause a complete rewrite of when human ancestors came to North America

A mastodon carcass from 130,000 years old suggests that humans were in America tens of thousands of years before the history books say they were.NBCNEWS.COM

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​Earth is a mere speck seen from the rings of Saturn

Cosmic Speck: See Earth Through Saturn's Rings in Amazing Cassini PhotoTaking a break from exploring Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft snapped a shot of Earth and the moon as two tiny specks between the rings.SPACE.COM

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​Construction crews at a London Museum discovered the centuries-old coffins of five Archbishops of Canterbury

The centuries-old remains of five archbishops of Canterbury were discovered…NBCNEWS.COM

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