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Butterfly beaks, Moth mouthpieces, Lepidoptera lips : whatever you want to call them, they are older than Flowers:

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Fossils uncovered in Germany show that butterflies and moths may have been around for 200 million years -- 70 million years earlier than flowering plants.


​Gorgeous Photos from the planet Jupiter

NASA's Mission Juno will explore Jupiter, seeking to unlock secrets of the giant planet and our solar system.MISSIONJUNO.SWRI.EDU

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​Dinosaur Vampires - 99-Million-Year-Old Amber Suggests Ticks Sucked Dinosaur Blood

It is rare to find parasites with their hosts in the fossil record, and the discovery is the first direct evidence of the pests feeding on dinosaur blood.NYTIMES.COM

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​The Image of the Tortured Genius Falls Apart As Misery Does Not Seem to Improve the Quality of Art!

Under scrutiny, the image of the tortured genius appears to fall apart.ATLASOBSCURA.COM

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​Not exactly the horror as seen in the movie 'Life', in a first Earthworms are born in mock Martian soil.

In what could be an important milestone for future farmers on Mars, two healthy baby worms were recently born in simulated Martian soil.SPACE.COM

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​Pterosaur Park : More than 200 fossilized Pterosaur eggs have been uncovered in China. The flying reptiles that soared during the age of dinosaurs....

The discovery of more than 200 of the eggs laid by the flying reptiles that lived during the dinosaur era could contribute to understanding of their early lives.NYTIMES.COM

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​From NASA to prehistoric cave paintings a view at how humankind has captured the cosmos throughout the ages.

Humankind's attempts to picture the cosmos have come a long way. But according to a new book, this isn't just a matter of science. It's also about art.CNN.COM

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