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​DNA proves that a human-like species with huge teeth co-existed with early man

A new genetic analysis suggests that the recently discovered Denisovans lived in Eurasia for millennia.NEWS.NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM

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​The iconic Coca Cola bottle was patented 100 years ago

The iconic package design was patented on Nov. 16, 1915TIME.COM

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​Pluto looking pretty psychedelic

Space photos of the week, November 8–15.WIRED.COM|BY WIRED PHOTO DEPARTMENT

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​Pieces of ancient board game including 14-sided die found in Chinese tomb along with body of looter

Looters seem to have rolled the dice and lost when they plundered the tomb of an ancient aristocrat in Qingzhou City, China. When archaeologists...ANCIENT-ORIGINS.NET

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​Artifacts keep alive the search for the Lost Colony

Researchers believe a place about 4 miles from Edenton and near U.S. 17 could be where Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the New World...HAMPTONROADS.COM

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​Ancient seal found on Temple Mount in Sifting Project

JERUSALEM – A 3,000-year-old seal discovered on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount likely dates back to the times of David and Solomon and confirms the...CHRISTIANNEWS.NET|BY GARRETT HALEY

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​WTF chunk of space junk will hit Earth on Friday the 13th

A mysterious mass of space trash is set to hit earth next month--on Friday the 13th. Aptly dubbed WT1190F--or WTF-- the galactic chunk of junk will...NYPOST.COM

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​Keep an eye out for Taurid Fireballs!

We've been hearing reports of Taurid fireballs! It's time to start watching for them. Details on the South Taurid shower, and when to watch.EARTHSKY.ORG 

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This ancient Maya village in El Salvador was preserved in ash from a volcano that erupted in 660 AD

A continuing look at a Maya village in El Salvador frozen in time by a blanket of volcanic ash 1,400 years ago shows the farming families who lived...COLORADO.EDU 

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​The little-known ancient Anasazi Moon House in Utah is worth the trek to experience it

It was a balmy March morning, and I was speeding down a glorious stretch of Utah highway alongside soaring red-rock cliffs and the churning...LATIMES.COM|BY LOS ANGELES TIMES

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