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​The island of Mauritius may hold proof of a lost continent that connected Africa to India

Newly discovered crystals expelled from volcanic eruptions on the island of Mauritius are billions of years older than the island itself, and are...SCIENCEALERT.COM|BY BEC CREW

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​Cool art: Wichita's art museum is hosting of ice-related art and entertainment, including making ice sculptures

For a second year, the Wichita Art Museum is inviting sculpture artists to carve artwork out of blocks of ice for a Family ArtVentures event on...KANSAS.COM

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​Relics of the Revolutionary War have been discovered in a Virginia town's archeological dig

Archaeologists nearing the end of a prolonged Gloucester Point dig were rewarded for their doggedness this past week when they unearthed one of…DAILYPRESS.COM|BY MARK ST. JOHN ERICKSON

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​Three years after a car bomb attack, Cairo's museum of Islamic art is open again

Three years after a car bomb attack, Cairo's museum of Islamic art is open again Egypt's Museum of Islamic Art will reopen today three years after it was badly damaged by a car bomb that blew up outside a nearby police...TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

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​Second-largest meteorite ever found dug up in Argentina

Alien rock, the second-largest ever discovered, likely fell over 4,000 years ago as part of a massive meteor.MNN.COM

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​Ancient Mayan book manuscript is finally OKed as the real deal

The Grolier Codex, long thought to an elaborate hoax, has been authenticated as a genuine artifact from the Maya civilization.MNN.COM

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​This UK event is the world's largest Steampunk festival

Aug 26, 2016Costumed enthusiasts attend world’s largest steampunk festival Jin Kim 0 Comment World asylum steampunk festival, England, Lincoln,...DARKROOM.BALTIMORESUN.COM

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​This is an ancient hand grenade from the age of the Crusaders

An impressive private collection of artifacts was recently handed over to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), including a 1000-year-old...SPUTNIKNEWS.COM|BY SPUTNIK

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​Ruins of ancient palace found in Cornwall at Tintagel, where King Arthur was supposedly born

The remains of a royal palace dating back to the sixth century CE, located at the fabled birthplace of King Arthur, have recently been uncovered by...NEWHISTORIAN.COM

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​Tourism ahead: For the first time, a private company gets green light to land on the moon

For the first time ever, a private company has permission to land on the moon.SPACE.COM

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