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Customer & Press Comments

We pride ourselves on our customer service.  Following is a few statements from of our customers, as well as mentions in the Press, Awards, etc.



Wendy from New York 
Thank you so much.  I really appreciate your help.  Your customer service is excellent!  I don't see this much anymore.  Thank you...

Florian from Maryland
I wanted to express my gratitude for your kindness, understanding and exemplary service. You are truly an excellent associate of The Museum Store. Again, a big THANK YOU...

Eunice from Mississippi
I just received the  Degas' Little Dancer figurine today in the mail.  This was my first time to order from your company.  I am impressed with the quality and am very pleased with the prompt service.    I plan to place her on top of a stack of Degas art books in my office.  She will add a finishing touch to that arrangement.  Thank you and I WILL order again from you when I need something of quality.  I plan to recommend your company to other art lovers.

Cristina from Arizona
Wow! Thank you so much for such a quick response! I did purchase the 3 necklaces and look forward to their arrival.  Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Randy from Scotland
I received my ring yesterday, and it fit better than I expected. I'm happy. My girlfriend in Scotland, who has the first ring I bought is happy. Thank you for being so accommodating...

Jen from North Carolina wrote:
I just had to send a note saying that the 15th Cent English replica "Yours Onli" ring is beautiful. I shall treasure it. I do appreciate your extra written personal thank you also on the invoice. This is a rare thing! Keep it up and I wish you and your great company with their exceptional products all the best. Hope to shop with you again.

Susan from Somerville, Massachusetts wrote: Dear Jon, You are an absolute prince! Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly and capably. This is an important gift for me and I had been worried about it -- your kindness and efficiency have given me great relief! I will definitely remember TheArtifact for future gifts (and maybe even something for me, sometime!) Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again!

Nathan from Kansas City, Missouri wrote:  Show this e-mail to your boss. You've won a customer. Not only were you lightning quick on your first response, but by the time I checked my e-mail today the package had already been delivered to my house. Awesome. I've shopped on-line quite a bit and have never had such great response and service. Thank you. Happy Holidays,

Bryan from Toronto, Canada wrote:  Picked up the Gold Funerary Mask this evening. It arrived in pristine condition. It is indeed a stunning object and initial reactions indicate it will be an object of endless fascination and discussion. I am very pleased with the detail including the faithful reproduction of the imperfections in the original. Even the slight red discoloration of the white in the eyes is there. As you know this latter defect has developed since it was removed from the sarcophagus and presumably the result of exposure to the air and/or pollutants....Many Thanks,

Lionel from Honk Kong wrote: Thanks a million! Your company and its responsible attitude has impressed me and given me confidence in doing further transaction with you. Congratulations on your good work. Now our mobile exhibition to schools can go ahead in December! I was unfortunately fleeced by another company who charged my Visa card but never delivered...All the best.

Gary  from Campbell, Georgia, wrote:  I just placed an order from you and, promptly, received the Venus of Willendorf. Absolutely love it! It's so -very- different that I didn't have any idea what to expect. And now that I have it, I'm still not sure! In otherwords, I love it. Thanks so very much.

Taylor Paradise Valley, Arizona wrote: Jon: I received my goddess and I love it! I was surprised at how quickly it arrived. Thank you and you can bet you'll hear from me soon.

Raylene from Ceres, California wrote: The "Dreamer of Malta" arrived on Saturday in excellent condition. She is as beautiful in my hands as she was on your internet page. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Xoxo.

Ginette from Laval, Canada wrote:. Thank you for your speedy response. It is very much appreciated. It was a pleasure doing business with you and we shall call upon you for more items in the future. Have a nice day.

Michael from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wrote: Jon, I have received my order, thank you...just in time for Valentine's day. I am a history teacher at a high school in Philadelphia and one of my subject areas is Ancient History. I discovered your website recently and I plan to continue business with you in aquiring your wonderful reproductions to use as teaching aids. I have also shared your website with my colleagues. Thanks again,

Jerry from Santee, California wrote: Thanks Jon. It is an excellent reproduction of the Rosetta Stone, even to the small chipped area in the center just like in the original. I really love it! I gave you a very excellent praise feedback for it.

Paul from Tokyo, Japan wrote: Thank you so much for all the trouble you have gone to over this. Please go ahead and include the additional FedEx freight cost when you deduct the full amount from my credit card. Thanks too for the warning about customs. I have actually had some bad experiences with delays at Japanese customs myself, because of them not knowing what is inside the package.

Carmen from Tustin California wrote: I Just wanted to let you know I received the products and they are beautiful very good quality. I will plan on ordering from you in the future. Thank you,

Thomas from Las Vegas, NV wrote: Great site. I'll be back and I'll post a link on my site.

Gomet from Paris, France, wrote:  I have today received the statue. It is very beautifull, and exactly what I expected.  Thank you very much.

Daragh from Limerick, Ireland wrote:  First let me thank you for your diligence in this transaction.... Thank you again Jon and I am sure you will hear from me soon re: another purchase.

Donnie from Prince Albert, Canada wrote:  ... thank you very much for your work on this matter. I look forward to many more deals with you.

James from San Antonio, Texas, wrote:  Jon, I got my order yesterday. All arrived in excellent condition. Thanks for all your help. I very happy with the items.  Five months later for a subsequent order James wrote: Received all four items in excellent condition. Thanks again for your help and quick delivery.  You have great artifacts to decorate with...

Carrie from Costa Mesa, California, wrote:  I wanted to thank you again for your help with this! I am very happy with the two pieces that I have already received and they fit in very well with my collection of antiquities, it is nice to fill in space while filling in the collection!  Thank you again!

Brian  from Forrest Lake, Minnesota wrote:  Thanks for your time, and for being personal and not a corporation...

Myrna. from Naperville, Illinois wrote:  Thank You! Would like to buy more in future we would like something from 'Alexander The Great' and other artifacts from that period 32BC...

William of Hollywood, Florida wrote:  I just recieved my products yesterday. They are great. Much better details that I originally expected. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to display them. Also, how would you recommend hanging them?