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​Boston's Museum of Fine Art gets its first Frida Kahlo painting

The 1928 work, which depicts two Mexican women set against dense tropical foliage, is the museum’s first Kahlo painting.NYTIMES.COM|BY RANDY KENNEDY

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​What. Were. They. Thinking??? These staffers probably broke off the beard in the first place.

Prosecutors say the 3,300-year old mask, whose beard was accidentally knocked off and hastily glued on in 2014, was scratched and damaged as a...DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

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​Here's your chance to BE in a Salvador Dali painting!

Visitors to a new exhibition at The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, won't just be looking at art. Thanks to virtual reality, they'll be...HERALD-REVIEW.COM|BY BETH J. HARPAZ

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​The unstoppable Hubble telescope captured this sparkly star cluster

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has obtained an incredible image of a star cluster called Trumpler 14.SCI-NEWS.COM

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​Ancient medicine: 2200-year-old remains of man in China was buried with a prosthetic leg

The hoofed prosthetic leg was found with 2,200-year-old remains of a man with a deformed knee.NEWS.DISCOVERY.COM 

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​This is the fist flower to bloom in outer space

Successfully growing the first flower in space brings explorers one step closer to growing fresh produce on long space missions.CSMONITOR.COM|BY THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

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​Artifacts from a Bronze Age house that burned in a fire were preserved in mud

"The finds, taken together, provide a fuller picture of prehistoric life than we have…WASHINGTONPOST.COM|BY YANAN WANG

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​Here are art museum exhibits that you should plan to see if you're visiting New York City this winter

You just want to see amazing things, and we are here to narrow down your list of things to see with the best art museum exhibitions in New York...FORBES.COM|BY ADAM LEHRER

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​Hubble telescope photographs gigantic black hole with burp-like eruptions

Space photos of the week, January 3–9, 2016.WIRED.COM|BY WIRED PHOTO DEPARTMENT

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​A meteorite that's "older than Earth" has been discovered in Australia

A meteorite estimated to be 4.5 billion years old is dug up by Perth researchers from a remote part of Lake Eyre in outback South Australia.ABC.NET.AU

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