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18th Century to Present

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Item MEM6477 - 1739 Paris Map, Portfolio...


Item MEM6478 - 1739 Paris Map, Wall Scro...

Item MEM6411 - 1745 Vaugondy Globe In A...
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Item MEM5502 - Spice is a Cape Horn On o...

Item MEM5528 - An interesting mix of ear...

18th C. Sundial & Compass - Photo Museum Store Company
Item MEM5531 - Not that long ago people ...
Item MEM6469 - 1928 Cadillac Head Lamp...
Item MUS3705 - More than 300 historical ...
Item MEM6436 - A-Cup Mobile...
Item MEM6488 - America's Cup Columbia 19...
Item MEM6485 - America's Cup Columbia 19...
Item MEM6484 - America's Cup Columbia 19...
Item MEM6467 - Anchor Lamp, Brass & Copp...
Item MEM6468 - Anchor Light, Large Bronz...
Item MDH5705 - Frank Lloyd Wright (1857-...
Item MDH5706 - Frank Lloyd Wright (1857-...
Item MDH5707 - Frank Lloyd Wright (1857-...
Item MEM3507 - Around The World Mobil...
Item MEM6476 - Art Mobile, Polychrome...
Item MMA2917 - Museum Gift Collection
Item MEM3515 - Seven groups of non-endan...
Item MEM6457 - Bell Tower Antica - Archi...

Item MEM5520 - French Tole lantern shape...

Item MIL3903 - Illuminart night lights a...
Item MMA2735 - Nature, Wildlife and Naut...
Item MEM6443 - Boat In A Bottle Kit...
Item MEM6405 - Boeing 314 - Dixie Clippe...
Item MEM6425 - Bosun's Gig...
Item MEM6435 - Bosun's Whistle...
Item MOR5058 - European Collection

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* Our Prehistoric Goddess Statue - The Venus of Willendorf  
* Say "I Love You" in Hieroglyphics -  Cartouche Pendant in Ancient Egyptian Jewelry
* A Desktop Funerary Mask of King Tutankhamen (Tut) - Terrific Gift  
* Perfect for Home or Office – a Rosetta Stone Replica of the British Museum's most Famous Piece

* Mighty Aphrodite - our Replica of the Venus de Melos (or di Milo) of Paris' Louvre Museum
* Mayan and Aztec Wall Decorations -  Aztec Solar Calendar

* 15th Century French Posey Ring Vila Mon Gardi Li Mo (Here is my heart guard it well Ring)
* Our most Famous Wedding Sculpture -  Wedding Rings,by Peter Lipman-Wulf (Wedding Gift)

* Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth : (Dinosaur Reproduction) End of the Cretaceous Period - Dinosaur Fossil
* Degas Dancer - Edgar Degas Ballerina makes a Perfect Addition to any Room - Design with History (tm)
* As a Graduation Gift or for a Job Well Done - August Rodin's The Thinker  
* Unique Coffee Mug - Watch the Continents Disappear at Work - Global Warming Mug

* Make Everyday Father's Day - Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian Man Necktie (Neck Tie Gift for Dad)
*A Gift Fit for a Queen - Faberge Catherine the Great Earrings (Make everyday, Mother's Day!)

* WWII - Band of Brothers - Autographed Framed Photograph 
* Spirit, Style and Feng Shui -  I Ching Coin with Jade Earrings

* For those who don't already have a Neanderthal in the Family -  Australopithecus Afarensis Skull (Hominid Neanderthal Skull Reproduction) - Not your Geico CaveMan!


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