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​Taiwanese museum has digitized and made its classic art collection available for download.

Taiwan's Palace Museum offers thousands of images of its imperial art and artefacts free to download.BBC.COM|BY BBC NEWS

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​Centuries-old statue unearthed at Cambodia's Angkor Wat complex.

Archaeologists have unearthed two-metre high, centuries-old object during an excavation of an ancient hospitalTHEGUARDIAN.COM

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​Yayoi Kusama's colorful, vibrant art installations are currently on display in Singapore

Disappear into an infinity of polka dots and explosions of light and color as Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama showcases 70 years of work in her first ever…NEWS.ABS-CBN.COM

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​The bag Neil Armstrong used to collect moon rocks in 1969 just sold for $1.5 million at auction.

NASA lost track of a bag that was used to carry samples during the first moon landing. A woman in Illinois bought the artifact for less than $1,000; on…NPR.ORG

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​Some people are defacing the ancient artifacts of Mesa Verde National Park

No. Just no. Let's do what we can to #KeepColoradoColorful!9NEWS.COM

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​This pitcher from 1700 BC may feature the world's oldest smiley face emoji.

DUBAI: A team of archaeologists in Turkey have discovered what could be the world’s oldest emoji on a pitcher in the ancient city of Karkamış located along…ARABNEWS.COM

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​London's Natural History Museum hung a skeleton of a giant blue whale in its entrance

LONDON — Britain's Natural History Museum in London suspended a gigantic skeleton of a blue whale in its main entrance Thursday, drawing attention to…SEATTLETIMES.COM

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The Met in New York is about to outpace the Louvre as the world's busiest museum

With a focus on fashion and modern art, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is gaining fast in terms of attendance.QZ.COM

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​Artifacts show the Lost Colonists of Roanoke lived with American Indians in Hatteras

Digs not far from the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse have uncovered thousands of American Indian relics with English items mixed in.PILOTONLINE.COM

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