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​This 2,000-year-old Roman sundial is inscribed with the name of the man who paid for it

2,000-year-old sundial changes perception of ancient Rome***HAARETZ.COM

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​Museum fees are harming art history claim academic researchers, creating at "tax on scholarship" by charging for...

Historians say that they are abandoning academic projects because of a “tax on scholarship” imposed by museums. The Tate and the British Museum are among institutions that charge scholars to...THETIMES.CO.UK

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​Van Gogh to grasshopper: "Stop bugging me or I'll stick you in my painting." So he did:

Van Gogh was noted for painting outdoors and once wrote his brother he had picked 100 flies off his canvases.STLTODAY.COM

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​Fossil of gigantic flying dinosaur found in Mongolia.

A monstrous, meat-eating flying reptile that had a wingspan of a small airplane, could walk on all fours and stalked its prey on land has been found in the…FOXNEWS.COM

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​Ancient artifacts of Marcos Island have been uncovered thanks to Hurrican Irma

Archaeologists are searching through the root balls of trees downed by Hurricane Irma in a preserve on Marco Island.NAPLESNEWS.COM

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​Albert Einstein's hand-written theorem for happiness, given in lieu of a tip to a hotel bellhop, was sold at auction for $1.3M.

While Albert Einstein’s theory of happiness may be relative, it fetched $1.3 million at a Jerusalem auction on Tuesday.WASHINGTONPOST.COM

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​You just never know where you'll find a masterwork: An archivist discovered a Rodin sculpture in a New Jersey local council meeting room.

A part-time archivist in Madison, N.J., found a signature on the back of a sculpture, setting her off on an investigation to confirm it was a genuine Rodin.NYTIMES.COM

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