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  • Etain Mandala - Museum Store Company Photo
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The god Midir of Bri Leith, (mound west of Ardagh in Co. Longford) claims that Etain in her former existence was his wife, but that she has been separated from him by the magic of a jealous rival. When Etain in her later existence becomes the wife of Eochaid, king of Tara, Midir comes to reclaim her. While the king and his court are feasting, Midir appears in their midst in all his supernatural beauty and splendor, and carries off Etain through the smoke-hole in the roof, and they are seen as two white swans circling in the sky above the hall. Etain, whose beauty and grace were beyond compare, figures into many stores, being born anew through the generations and is usually associated with white swans. Mandalas are powerful symbols of the universe, as we humankind, perceive it. They have a two-dimensional nature: the earthly and cosmic realms. This dual nature of the universe is a common aspect of cultures throughout the world.

9" diameter : Cast Stone, Celtic Art Collection, Made in the U.S.A.

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