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  • Epona Mandala - Museum Store Company Photo
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The Celtic goddess Epona, the protector of horses, presided over the craft of horse-breeding, a mother-goddess of fertility, and also linked with healing and the protection of the human soul. She was normally portrayed sitting side-saddle on a mare or standing between a group of horses. She was worshipped over a wide area; from the British Isles to as far east as Bulgaria. She was first and foremost a Gaulish (France) goddess, being venerated in the east of Gaul and the Rhineland, especially the cavalrymen stationed along the Rhine frontier. Mandalas are powerful symbols of the universe. They have a two-dimensional nature: the earthly and cosmic realms. This dual nature of the universe is a common aspect of cultures throughout the world.

9" diameter : Cast Stone, Celtic Art Collection, Made in the U.S.A.

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