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Archival, 3D, Scanning & Preservation

In our work with historical artifacts and archives, we developed an inhouse custom division which many years ago was spun-off as a seprate company dedicated to the preservation of historic originals. From high resolution 3D Scan to the preservation of millions of pages from centuries past we have the expericence to scan both 3D and original documents and works of art.

Generally, our clients include Thermofisher Scientific, the Colorado Department of Human Services (DHS), the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), the pharmaceutical company Navigant Biotechnologies (part of Gambro AB), the New York Presbyterian Hospital (the university hospital for Cornell and Columbia Universities), the University of Denver, the British Port and Property Firm P&O Nedlloyd, as well as the U.S. Federal Judiciary (Judicial Branch of United States Government).

For large historic government archives, we completed a historic book scanning project for the U.S. Federal Court's Library. This project was mostly comprised of restricted historic and old /early /original Statue Sets. A majority of the books are rare ranging from the 1800's and early/mid 1900's, and as such could not be unbound. All the project books were scanned on our book scanners. The books ranged from extremely small approximately 3" H to more regular sized page but with book thicknesses in excess of 6". We scanned over 250,000 pages for this project, mostly on V-platen book scanners. However with such a diverse range of originals many of which were very fragile, we proceeded with a function over form philosophy making certain to fulfill the defined client objective of OCR effectiveness balanced extermely delicate handling of the rare originals. For examples, for larger books >2500 pages, we used our proprietary scanners that include our own ScanGo™ dynamic pressure conforming cradles, which allowed for optimal project imaging with least stress on these fragile and old books.

Very relevant to historic record and archival scanning in general, we completed a large archival scanning project (spanning two fiscal years) for the National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM) as well as for the Music Box Society International (MBSI).  Both of these projects were scanning their trade publications, which ranged from the late eighteen hundreds into the twentieth century, many of which were the last known intact copies previously from the New York Public Library's collection.

 For this project - these pages were tabloid ~11 x 17 -- we scanned everything in high resolution color, and then delivered these TIF Masters at 400DPI along with 300DPI PDF files which had been OCR'ed for easy file searching - we use only the highest quality commercial scanners and OCR technology.

The value of the ability to search the archive was evident upon the delivery of our first batch of file back to the organization. Soon after delivery, the NAMM's librarian / historian, Dan, wrote us back to express how extremely happy they were to learn that a member was able to pinpoint a release date for a particular piece of equipment at a time earlier than was thought because the ability to search through these previously unsearchable archive. An excerpt from that email is below:

     "...the show was not a great success for Fender in those early days,

     and as a result, Mr. Bacon could not find any meaningful data. We were

     able to run a keyword search using the spotlight search function on

     ELVIS-Apple allowing us to search the entire ScanGo holdings simultaneously

     for terms such as Fender with incredible accuracy. The ScanGo holdings

     include the entire collection of Music Trade Reviews from 1887 through

     the 1960s in which we had scanned by the company in Denver (ScanGO) last year.

     It was awesome to witness technology running a fast search on materials that,

     just a year ago, were not indexed and sitting in boxes! Mr. Bacon was

     delighted with our findings! His story is just one example of how important

     it is to preserve these documents and share them with those who care the

     most, our members. If this was baseball, we would be Babe Ruth!"

             - NAMM's Librarian / Historian


About ScanGo's 3D scanning services:

Scanning in 3D since 2012.  In 2014 we have upgraded to an advanced industrial non-contact high resolustion laser scanning technology to produce 3 dimensional digital models at high resolutions.

3D Specifics

  • ACCURACY: Our 3D Scanners have a resolution of .005 inch accuracy with 400 samples per inch.  Larger format scanning provides .015 inch accuracy at 150 samples per inch - Site or Central Facility Processing

  • STANDARDS: Our state of the art, non-contact 3D scanning technology creates a 3 dimensional model in many standard 3D formats: such as STL, PLY, XYZ, VRML, OBJ & JPG Textures.

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