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Film, TV, Theater, Props & Set Dressing


"You are the best...thanks to your tenacity,
everything made it to the set on time...”
– Lisa S. (Warner Brothers)


Films, Television Shows, Museums, Theme Parks, Hotels - Hospitality, Themed Casinos, Special Exhibits, Colleges, Universities, Public Schools, Architectural Firms, In-Store Displays, Commercial Designers, Decorators, Travel Agencies, Creative Directors, Advertising, Marketing, Promotional Managers to Tourism Bureaus - we’ve done it – professionally, on time and within budget! From Set Props (LA 411), Exhibit Pieces, Backgrounds, Photo Shoots to Commercial Decorations, Displays, Set Dressing (NY 411) to Unique Corporate Gifts please call one of our commercial managers so we can assist you with your needs. 

Some of our credits:

  • Just Call Saul (2015) spinoff of Breaking Bad, Statues for Libaray Scene
  • Fox's Sleepy Hollow (2014), Busts in Library
  • Warner Brothers Catwoman (Film: 2004, starring Halle Berry). Egyptian Cat Reliefs & Statues for Library Scene.
  • ABC’s “One Life to Life” Soap Opera (Television: 2004): Onscreen Actor’s Jewelry
  • Boston Museum of Science (Museum: 1998 & 2003) - Exhibit Supplemental & Demonstration Aids
  • Universal Studio’s Japan (Amusement Park / Theme Park: 2002): As part of their Mummy II attraction.
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art (Museum Purchase: 2003)
  • Newark Museum of Art (Museum Purchase: 2004)
  • University of Texas (Educational Insitution Purchase)
  • Lotte World Korea (Amusement Park / Theme Park: 2003, 2004) – For new Egyptian themed ride!
  • Studium Biblicum (Hong Kong School: 2002) for Fall Exhibits
  • JV Fine Art & Functional Design (Design and Architectural Company: 2000) Property Decoration & Photo Shoot
  • The Dalton School (New York City)
  • Portage Township Schools (Portage, Indiana)
  • Neenah Joint School District & Neenah High School (Wisconsin)
  • Pre-Columbian Pavilion at HS, Henderson NV - (Oct. 2002), our Pre-Columbian reproductions were purchased for the grand opening and as part of original exhibit at their Pre-Columbian pavilion.
  • Wichita Falls School District, (Jan 2003), our fossil reproduction used for classroom teaching tools at their Fanning School.

AND MANY MORE… please let us know how we can help with your project!

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